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Woman Charged with Assault for Squirting Breast Milk on Police Officer

A woman has reportedly been charged in Australia with assault after squirting breast milk on an officer’s head, arms and clothes during a search at a police station conducted after the suspect was arrested on an unspecified search warrant.

UPI reports that the woman – 26-year-old Erica Leeder of Calista, Western Australia – was nude from the waist up during the search Tuesday and at one point grabbed her own breast and squirted milk at the face and body of the female officer conducting the search.

Leeder – who reportedly had a prior conviction for assaulting a police officer – was denied bail in Fremantle Magistrate’s Court and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation before her next scheduled court appearance on March 31.

A spokesperson for the Western Australia Police Union told the West Australian newspaper that the assault charge stemming from incident came in part because of the possibility that diseases can be spread through breast milk.