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Miracle Puppy Left for Dead & Buried Emerges from Grave Days Later

An incredible dog named Theia is alive and well after surviving a horrible ordeal after being hit by a car in February on a highway near Spokane, Wash.

After the accident, the one-year-old stray was the victim of what The Spokesman-Review has referred to as “a misguided mercy killing” involving a local farm worker attempting to put the animal out of its misery by hammering her head and leaving her for dead in a ditch.

But the injured bully breed mix emerged a few days later from the roadside grave and ended up wandering onto a farm in the nearby community of Moses Lake.

Theia’s inspiring story was shared on Facebook about a week later and caught the attention of local resident Sara Mellado, who ironically had lost her own ailing nine-year-old German Shepherd just two weeks before and was still mourning and “devastated” at the passing of her pet.

Mellado agreed to take Theia in and is helping nurse her back to good health. “She’s a puppy. She’s outgoing, lovable, up for meeting new people,” she said of the dog, who apparently was used to hanging out at a local business.

The accident caused serious injuries to Theia, who still needs surgery to repair multiple nasal fractures currently making it impossible for her to breathe out of her nose. To help with medical expenses, an online fundraising campaign was started and has so far garnered nearly $24,000 in donations.

“Considering everything that she’s been through, she’s incredibly gentle and loving,” Mellado told the Associated Press. “She’s a true miracle dog, and she deserves a good life.”