Hospital Theme on Runway Showcases Nurse-Inspired Collection

It’s not the first time a creative fashion designer has pushed the catwalk envelope by using unique or over-the-top outfits to draw attention to their latest collections.

But Indian designer Rajesh Pratap Singh brought major medical elements to the runway at last week’s kickoff of Amazon India Fashion Week 2015 to debut his new collection inspired by healthcare workers’ attire.

Singh – who grew up in a family of doctors – told Reuters that the show reflected a return to his roots and was meant as a tribute to the dedication of doctors and nurses committed to saving lives.

“I belong to a medical family and it (the show) was basically respect for health workers,” he said.

The showcase included hospital beds lined up in a row attached to IV drips, while models strutted their stuff in clinical-themed sheath dresses, pleated skirts and designer surgical masks reminiscent of nurse uniforms during the 1950s.

Some of the models also carried matching first-aid boxes and at least one walked the catwalk with a bandaged head.