oklahoma satanic school workbook

Devil Worshipping Group Wants Satanic Workbook Placed in Oklahoma Schools

An Oklahoma group of self-described devil worshippers has responded to a teacher handing out Bibles in the classroom by calling for one of its Satanic books to also be provided to students in the classroom. 

“If they’re going to allow a religious book from the Christian church, then they have to allow a book from us because we’re on the same playing field,” Adam Daniels, leader of an Oklahoma City Satanic group, told reporter Andres Donley of NBC local affiliate KFOR.

“It would give children the opportunity to see that devil worship is not what everyone tells them it is,” Daniels said.

The news station obtained an email the Satanic group leader sent to officials of the Oklahoma City Public Schools, in which he outlines his goals. “Please don’t fret, my book is nowhere near as graphic as the Christian Bible,” Daniels writes. “All of the negative aspects that you could even begin to imagine out of the human animal is in that Holy Bible.”

Daniels claims that the Satanic workbook he wants in schools is actually more appropriate than the message in the Holy Bible.

“I am unrepentant of all sins and I embrace them, all evil thoughts, evil words, and evil acts that I have thought,” a excerpt from one of the group’s nightly prayer reads.